Apr 262012
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I believe that people should be able to make a living
doing what they like to do.

I don’t know if Learnemy will indeed change the world,
but working on it beats sitting at home thinking about it.

What do you believe in?

If you are:
– A smart developer looking for a full-time job
– Not a coding monkey
– Speak English and located in Southeast Asia
– Someone who gets things done
– Someone who wants to get paid to break into the world of startups

Then read on, you might just be the one Learnemy is looking for.


Why should I work on Learnemy?

– Learnemy has a purpose.
– You will be treated with respect, and like an adult.
– You get to make key decisions in the startup.
– You get a competitive salary.
– You get to share my network.
– Flexible hours. I respect the maker’s schedule.
– You get to operate like a founder but enjoy the stability of an employee.


What is Learnemy?

Learnemy is an online marketplace that connects you with instructors for anything you want to learn. It solves this problem:

“I want to learn how to bake pineapple tarts. But my budget is only $30 and I don’t want to travel far. I wonder who can teach me.”

And it can be expanded to include anything – handstand, er hu, cycling, chicken rice, clay sculpting, barista workshop, arduino, picking up girls or building your own tv.

The beta application is launched three weeks ago and till date it has good progress. With a full-time developer on board, the startup can speed up its growth.


Who am I working with?

Graduated from NUS with a degree in Psychology and from the Founder Institute, I’ve worked on the Chingay Facebook page and EV Battery Forum Linkedin group, achieving more than double the amount of social engagement for both clients. You can read more about me professionally or personally.

While Learnemy is in the works, I’ve established good relationship with major online technology blogs and secured a government grant that can sustain the startup while it grows.


Where will I work?

Mostly home for now and we’ll communicate via Skype. If you are based in Singapore, we’ll meet up  once or twice a week at a co-working space or cafe. All expenses at these public locations (excluding meals) will be covered by the startup. If you’re not based in Singapore, we’ll meet up once every 6 months. Airfare will be covered by the startup.


What skills do I need?

– Well versed in Ruby on Rails 3
– Well versed in with Facebook and Paypal APIs.
– Have experience with Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3)
– Able to deal with database administration such as MySQL and Postgres
– Somewhat familiar with front-end development with CSS and jQuery


What exactly will I be doing?

Brainstorm and code out features necessary for Learnemy’s growth for 40 hours per week. Occasionally you will be needed to help out with CSS or jQuery.


How does the hiring process work?

There will be two stages in the hiring process.

Stage 1: Resume – Your resume is to determine if your skill sets meet the criteria. If it does, you will proceed to Stage 2.

Stage 2: Contract work – Synergy within the team is important, that’s why you’ll go through a trial period working on Learnemy. You will be working on Learnemy on a full-time contract basis (compensated on agreed terms with you) for 1 – 2 weeks. After this period, your performance will be evaluated for a full-time position.


Things to put into your resume:

1. A piece of code that you’re most proud of
2. Expected salary
3. Earliest date of availability

Send questions or resumes to elisha@learnemy.com.

I’m not based in SE Asia/Ruby on rails programmer/available as a full-timer, but I like Learnemy. What should I do?

Programmers based outside of the region are welcomed to apply, although the airfare benefits will be different depending on your location.

Skills can be trained, passion can’t. So non-Railists are welcomed too.

Contract workers can send in your information, but priority will be given to people considering a full-time position.

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Learnemy is an online marketplace where you can find offline classes taught by passionate instructors with real world application of the subject.

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