Aug 072014

What do you think makes a good user experience?

Is it user friendliness? Is it having lots of content? Is it having a colorful website design?

Look at this quote from the Nielsen Norman Group. (Having started in 1998, they are now a leading voice in the user experience group.)

“User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services and its products.”

That encompasses a lot of things, isn’t it? Before you throw in the towel and decide that you can never know enough to design UX on your own, read on.

We have researched on the best places to learn how to design good user experiences and shortlisted the top 10 websites that we’ve used to design the UX on Learnemy.

These websites aim to inspire and help you understand and improve on designing UX. Whether you are an UX beginner or practitioner, there’s bound to be something for you!

Psst: For those who hate reading, there’s a UX workshop coming up next week. See more details here.


1. Agile Designers 

Crowdsourcing to the rescue! With a community of 5560 members contributing the best resources on UX, web and graphic design, Agile Designers is the Pinterest for all things design.

Do you want to get some new ideas on web design? This site is great for getting inspired.

If you’re interested in UX design tools, come here and take your pick. From icons to interface designs, podcasts to ebooks, they really do go all out to make their site a one-stop shop.


2. A List Apart 

A List Apart brings us the latest news on the UX front. Every new development is broken down simply for us.

This means that we don’t have to struggle with every new tool on our own. Just by staying on this blog, we will already learn about what’s good, what’s bad, and what should be avoided.

Does having a serious review blog on hand sound good? It sure does!

Go on A List Apart today, and check it out for yourself!


3. Luke Wroblewski

Luke Wroblewski is quite the celebrity in the world of digital products. He has designed and contributed to software used by millions worldwide.

With such a background, we are not surprised by the confidence with which the site’s content is delivered. Each post has a tutorial on a different aspect of UX.

Does your design feel like a conversation?

Do you wonder how to do screen size adaptations?

Or how to go about doing pocket research?

Come here to get all your questions answered.


4. UX Magazine

UX Magazine is amazing because everything is here. They have posts on all the UX-related stuff.

If you come here searching specifically for something, you will find it. Along with other bits of information that you didn’t even think of before coming here.

These blog posts are entertaining and easy to read. And, chances are that even beginners will find themselves deeply interested in what this site has to offer.

A brilliant blog for UX enthusiasts to follow!


5. 52 Weeks of UX

Exactly like it’s named, 52 Weeks of UX has posts up by the week. Each week, different authors write on a different aspect of UX.

The posts on this blog are very useful for getting to know about UX and all its different sides. While you can surely find posts on the technicalities of UX, there are also many inspirational articles here.

Here, they tell you that all designers lie. And explain why that’s okay (Week 37).

They also assure you that it’s fine even if you’re confused about everything to do with UX (Week 42).

Sound unconventional? Sound like it could be your kind of thing? That’s what you get here!

In short, every week promises a post that gives you a new thought to mull over.


6. Boxes and Arrows

downloadWant to know about all the newest UX developments? 

Go check out Boxes and Arrows! Boxes and Arrows is a peer-written journal promoting contributors who want to provoke thinking, push limits, and teach a few things along the way.

Making a design-led transformation? Just starting out on Wordle? Not sure about crossing platforms in website management? Wondering what the pros and cons of Siri, Chess and Prostheses are?

Get your answers here.


7. Nielsen Norman Group

When people talk about UX, it’s hard not to bring up the Nielsen Norman Group. For so long, they have been such a big presence on the UX scene.

It’s no wonder then, that their articles are dynamic and full of conviction. If you look through their library of articles, you will find many detailed posts all focused on UX problem solving.

Want to learn more about issues like memory recognition and recall? Intranet portals? Solving low findability?

They’ve got it all covered.


8. Little Big Details

As promised, come here for your “daily dose of design inspiration”. We could not love this blog more! Everyday, something new is posted.

They highlight all the (little) novel inventions that we would usually miss. Yet, these are actually so ingenious in design!

We’re talking cute tumblr tweaks, Snapchat tricks and Google Maps specials during the World Cup period.

So much fun!


9. Inspire UX

A blog by Catriona Cornett, this is something for all the professional UX designers out there.

Think of inspireUX as the solution to all your UX questions and problems.

Curious about the relationship between native apps and tablet-optimized websites? Not sure about how to get your company to place more importance on user-centred design?

Come here for some great advice.


10. UX Booth

Here are the 2 great things about UX Booth.

Firstly, it has regular posts and updates

Secondly, these posts are sorted into neat categories.

From philosophy to research, strategy to interaction, get your design fix here!

There is also a separate Resources section, promising to have “everything you never knew you always needed”.


Don’t Just Read

As the good ol’ saying goes, learning without practicing is futile. The best way to solidify what you’ve learned is to start on your own projects!

If you want targeted advice relevant to the project you are working on, you can also learn website design in Singapore with our team of professional instructors.

Otherwise, there is an upcoming workshop that is perfect for getting yourself into the UX groove. Check out the details here!

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